30 September 2010

Only 2 episodes in but Community is killing it this season.

Kinda makes me not miss Parks and Recreations so much. But I still miss it.

The one about Le Noise

Neil Young's 'Le Noise'
So Neil Young (The greatest American to ever come out of Canada) has a new album. I'm listening to it now while playing Xbox and not working.
Produced by Daniel Lanois, it's one of those collaborations you can't wait to hear like Brian Eno/David Byrne.  Of course, Mr. Young has been on this kick of recording full albums in the span of a few weeks these past several years, so this album proves more stripped down than even 2006's 'Living With War' but far more rewarding.
While I'd still love to hear these songs with a full band, or at least just a rhythm section, the old buzzard is one of the greatest songwriters of our time and it shows in this latest outing.

The autobiographical 'The Hitchhiker' is the stand-out track. You can watch the video here.