22 January 2011


I try not to be negative in this blog but I have to present you with  One Thing I Hate:

I'm not particularly tall, about 5'11, and I've weighed within 3 pounds of 145 since graduating high school. I'm in an unusually healthy percentile for my age and weight.  So why is it that I can't find jeans that fit well and are long enough??
My waist is about a 28 but I always look for a 30 just because that way I can at least get a 32 length.  Even with that being the case my jeans are always super hiked up when I sit.  That's fine in any other kind of pant but not jeans.  I don't like sock being viewable in my jeans.  a 30/33 or 30/34 would be ideal and it's impossible to find unless I go to a more 'urban' store and buy a super baggy pair of pants with all sorts of ridiculous embroidered angels wings and pistols with studs around all the pockets.
Perhaps that'll be a good look for me.

08 January 2011

The Fisherman Sweater: The Last Word in Male Badass'ery


If there's one thing I appreciate that the Irish have given us, it would be the fisherman sweater.  Call it fancy if you like but I've never seen a man in a fisherman sweater that I'd be confident going toe to toe with except for this guy:

And even he looks oddly respectable here.

I own a fisherman sweater that I wear on as many occasions as I can.  It looks great over any collared shirt and is essential to my wardrobe throughout the winter.  The larger and more obnoxious the collar the better.  The one Mr. Pattinson is sporting above is one of the best examples I've found in my searches.  Not to mention, of course, the man who made the fisherman sweater famous:

02 January 2011

Is Arkansas the epicenter of The End?

Both of these news stories come within days of one another just as the calendar turns over to 2011:

The story of an estimated 100,000 dead fish in NW Arkansas:

Image courtesy CNN.com

Courtesy MSNBC.com

For the sake of full disclosure I have to admit that, yes, I am an alarmist.  But I think this is enough to pique anyone's interest.