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Everyone's a critic
Very good! Thanks for asking.

My name is Dave and I live in NorthEast Ohio where I've been for far too long and will likely continue to be for some time.
I'm in my very early 30s but I get an odd satisfaction from making myself seem older. I hope one day to have a head full of gray hair which is somewhat funny because I never thought I would live to even be this old.

I don't drink beer.  I can't play any instruments or read music yet I have the nerve to be in 2 and a half bands. Maybe more depending on when you're reading this. I'm fortunate enough to have been raised in a household with 2 loving parents in a community where that, for the most part, is unheard of. I have no tattoos although I've been "planning" on getting a sleeve done for years.
Conducting a mass baptism in Lagos
My favorite book is The Last Temptation of Christ by Nikos Kazantzakis. My favorite season is Spring. I've always wanted to record a cover of 'In The Year 2525' by Zager & Evans. 
I live alone in a big house. I'll likely die alone in a small apartment. I'm chronically and intentionally single but I'll probably refer to any number of individuals in this blog as 'the Mrs.' or 'the little lady' just because I like the sound of it. I hate water chestnuts.  I don't make any sound when I walk.  I'll write a lot about movies, music, and television because I'm an American and I consume everything. Like so:

This blog is my attempt at being more candid. My identity on the web thus far in life has primarily involved me biting my tongue and not being able to say what I may have wanted to say for any number of reasons. Becoming successful at this may take some time but I hope to be as open as one can safely be on the internets.