16 January 2012

The Farce and The Futility

I've been neglecting this blog.  It's mostly not intentional. Although I did intentionally not post a year end recap.  I worked hard on it.  All year, actually.  I think that's what got the best of me and really spiraled me into some dark stuff. I thought about ending this blog all together.

I've been thinking a lot about finality.  Everything ends.  Everything must.  Most things don't end when they should.  They drag on long past their prime and their usefulness.  The human life span, for example.

I've been hitting the gym a lot again.  Now that I've got a new gym partner in my main man Heather, I've been a lot more active than I thought I'd be with the Ultimate season being dead and gone.  It turns out that I've gained around 18 pounds since I last paid attention to my bathroom scale.  I've weighed within 3 pounds of 145 since high school.  Now I'm up to 160ish.  Looking at me I believe there's no discernible difference other than being more toned.  I'm convinced this is muscle weight. I've been more weight-training focused and will not worry too much about it.  I love how I look it my slim fit button ups. Having a high self image is important, I say.
Whenever I wear suspenders I fantasize about getting into fights because of this scene:

I've been watching a lot of Up All Night.  I love that show.  Especially the episodes when Nick Cannon doesn't make an appearance. It makes me feel okay about being in my 30s.

I've been kicking around and implementing a lot ideas for my radio show.  For one, I've set up an email address for anyone to email me advice column-esque questions that I'll be answering on air.  AskTheGentlemanATgmail.com.  Also I have a new segment called Day Drinkers: The Prude & The Lush with my main man Amber. We'll be sampling and reviewing libations from the perspective of a non-drinking prude (myself) and a more seasoned drinker, to put it politely. This Saturday we'll be sampling Ta Henket.  It should be known that I hate beer.
You can listen in on Saturdays at 1:30pm on GoldenStringRadio.org

I've been listening to a lot of Active Child:

You Are All I See by Active Child on Grooveshark