09 September 2011

Friday Fight (They Say It's Wonderful)

I  heard this song first sung by Englebert Humperdinck off of his 'A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening' album.  I'd purchased it in Toronto, I believe, while in spring break in the early 2000s and it was a major catalyst in my wanting to put together a lounge act.


This version was not too recently introduced to me by Bumoltua after we'd found that we were mutually familiar with the song and kicked around the idea of throwing a trite version into our live show. He later sent it to me via email and it's been on various playlists of mine ever since.

Ashford and Simpson

It's been a gross oversight on my part, both on this blog and on my show at GoldenStringRadio.org, not to acknowledge and share condolences for the passing of Mr. Nick Ashford of, arguably the greatest Soul duo of our time, Ashford & Simpson.

I'm really dating myself now but I used to be so amped when this video would come on Video Soul back in the day.  And I didn't really understand why at the time but I came to realize later in life that what it was that they were so good at is making the most inspirational and affirming music without being preachy. It was just universally good 'we got this' music.  The type of music that kept marriages together.  The type of music that kept family reunions festive even under storm clouds.  The type of music that had me dancing on the couch in my Spiderman pajamas each time Donnie Simpson would introduce it.  Plus this mix, exclusive to video version, had the best intro ever with Valerie Simpson's a capella building directly into the chorus. Brilliant.

Here are a couple of my favorite Ashford and Simpson songs:

I share in the grief for the loss of yet another musical icon but more so I celebrate a career that's personally touched my life as well as innumerable others.

Nick Ashford
1941 - 2011