25 November 2011

The rumors of my demise...

October happened.  November happened after that.  Those are facts.
They've passed in their normal fashion as they do every year with nary a peep out of me.  I wish I could say that this is due to me being out living life in lieu of documenting it.  That's only partially the case.  Compared to the beginning of the year my life has taken a bit of a turn for the mundane.  I'm not really complaining about this.  There was a bit more excitement previously but I'm in a pretty okay place at the moment although it does feel like a very delicate comfort in a volatile landscape.  As for now I'll enjoy it.  The worry of turbulence only serves to taint those few and far between times of smooth sailing.

I begin to worry when we have an actual full Autumn here in Ohio.  Right now, the day after Thanksgiving, we've had a beautifully temperate Friday with a cloudless sky and high 50s.  We've not had to miss a Sunday of Ultimate Frisbee yet this season and this week looks to be good to go as well.  One more week would mean that we've played straight from May into December.  
I'm an alarmist and spouting off about global warming is normally what I'd be getting at, but taking things as they come is a lesson that I'm learning in my early 30s.  I don't sweat much of anything these days and it's really made a noticeable improvement all around.

I intended to write about what I've been doing in my absence but now that I think of it in context it all seems unremarkable.  I do want to make this blog a bit more personal and tone it down on the reviews and such.  I want to take more pictures and share them.  I haven't been doing that at all these days.
I'd really like to invest in a new camera.