30 November 2010

Texts From This Afternoon

1:25PM - Bumoluta: I just met Damon Dash.  He asked me if I like Indie Rock.  I didn't know what to say.

29 November 2010


I wrapped my arms around her
and we slow danced as the bombs fell over Latvia.
She was the first woman I ever danced with.

I assisted in the war effort
but I did it for my own reasons.
No one questioned my motives
and no one really cared.
I thought back to that slow dance and
began to regret.

  - 11/17/2003

26 November 2010

The Battle at Vladivostok

The majority of November has gone without any updates to this blog and that is for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Paisley Descartes
  • Writers block
  • Disenchantment
  • Debilitating stomach flu

But above all it's that there is really nothing to note.  I was going to try to review the new Kanye West and Jamiroquai albums.  By the time I got around to it both had been released and super saturated onto the interwebs and I lost my erection.  I did just get my hands on Daft Punk's TRON soundtrack but I've yet to give it a listen.

In summation, I've been sitting around looking like a homeless man that happens to have a house that he won't leave.  I wake up and run a comb partially through my unkept hair.  I romanticize my current look as that of a latter day Marvin Gaye:

You know.  The bad ass unshaven 70's soul brotha look.  Unfortunately in my case it turns out moreso like this:

Yep.  That's me sitting on the floor as I type this.  On a Friday night no less.  Maybe I'll muster up some gusto and leave the house tonight but seeing as how comfortable I am here next to my space heater with a tumbler of Sangria the odds are getting slimmer by the moment.
What caused this disenchantment? This lethargy?  This complete lack of enthusiasm about anything?  I don't know and I'm not gonna think about it.  I'm just gonna think about how badly I want Marvin's skull cap as pictured above.  Or Jack Nicholson's in 'One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest'.  I think that's what I'm going for this winter.  I haven't owned a winter hat or coat in over a decade.  I primarily wear my dad's vintage brown leather and smoker friendly gloves (I don't smoke).

This entry should have ended long ago.  Perhaps next time I'll prepare something on a topic of some sort.  Or not.  Deal with it.  Since this seems to be a very 70's entry I'll leave you with a photo of Kathleen Cleaver simply because it's awe inspiring just as she is.  And I love a woman with an afro.  That I do.

Spiritualized - 'Stop Your Crying'

10 November 2010

The Gentleman Rules

Gentleman Rule #044

One should never pass up a chance to leaf through a Cosmo:

Not to say that you should sign up for a subscription or anything, but a gentleman should never be made to feel emasculated for picking up that issue of Cosmo on the coffee table.  There is no err in identifying with the mindset of the opposite sex.  In fact, it plays greatly to a gentleman's advantage.

07 November 2010

The Ballerina Project

The Ballerina Project on Facebook

"And lines like these have got to be an architect's dream" - Kate Bush

06 November 2010

The Savages (2007)

Dir.:Tamara Jenkins
    As with most of my Netflix-mailed rentals, this flick has been sitting on my desk for nearly a month.  Not to say that I haven't been very interested in seeing it but the number of distractions and stimuli in my bedroom alone is enough to make me put off on investing an hour and a half+ into any movie.  As I've been since waking up on this lazy Saturday I figured there was no better time to crawl under the blankets and get acquainted with The Savages.
     I defy you to find any P.S. Hoffman vehicle that doesn't hold your interest throughout.  I'm not sure if it's his role choices or the life he breathes into his characters that makes me love him so (I imagine both play a major role) but yet again I found myself completely involved in this movie.  Not to take anything away from my favorite Frasier Crane love interest Laura Linney who plays so very well off of him.  No more beautifully illustrated than in the scene where they match off on the tennis court.  Such is this portrayal of siblings thrust into an upheaval of their everyday life.
      I was completely invested in the characters.  I prayed for their victories that did not come and was left teary-eyed over end credits.  The story was compelling if only but a tad too long.  No laugh out loud moments but an appropriate amount of humor in such a despondent tale.  A great movie that can be watched alone.  One you can be emotional to.  One that anyone with family can empathize with.


03 November 2010

As much as I hate the coming of Winter I must admit that I like November a great deal.  Just seems like October gets more and more irrational until it culminates in the adolescent sh*t-storm that is Halloween.  It's really nice to wake up the morning after Halloween and things are just more placable.  Reasonable.  November.

01 November 2010

We Reconvene

Holy hell.  Look who just reached over 1k hits.

Here's a link to the first tune I'd ever recorded by myself.  I did it on my eMac circa 2006 under the moniker McManus.  That was my project after band #1 had become disillusioned.  It was before I knew how to quantize or play instruments well for that matter.  I still don't know how to quantize but I plan on learning at some point.  I also plan to learn how to play instruments.

It's a cute little tune by the name of We Reconvene.  It's about a girl.