18 April 2011

Wide eyed with wonder

When all is said and done and we stand face to face with those ancestors that we never imagined existed but felt coursing through our veins our entire lives; ancestors that lived through famines and droughts, wars and upheavals. Those that lived through insurrections and regicides, slavery and exodus. They will look at us, wide eyed with wonder, and they will ask us how it was to live through the last days. 

17 April 2011

Hearbeat From Inside the Belly of the Whale

I've been pretty musically busy as of late, even if on my own which may be preferable.  I just submitted a new song for Band #2 which seems to be a final addition to the album if all goes well.  That one goes by the title of Drought Song.  I usually hate self-aware titles but the I think in this case it's fitting and better than the previous working title, Blessed Daughter.
I'd been "working" on that one all winter.  By that I mean I had the verse, chorus, and bridge melodies down musically and I'd been singing the chorus in my head for about 4 months.  That was when I was freaking out about global water shortages.  Now after I'd rewatched Steven King's The Stand and I'm now following that up with BBC's Survivors, I'm now freaking out about pandemics and super flus so I wrote a verse about that.  I laid down a scratch vocal and mailed it off to the rest of the band to do with what they please.

Anyhow, what I was intending to get around to was sharing this instrumental I put down last night on my iMac in garage band.  I've gotten off my ass and started putting down new demos this weekend since I really have nothing else to do.
I oftentimes have song titles before I have any music in mind which I think is why I have such a hard time getting anything done.  It's really hard to write a song to a title rather than naming a song after it's content. After about an hour of work and a wee bit of editing I have another title I can scratch off my list.  Just an instrumental at this point.  Probably going to stay that way.  I don't know if it's about Jonah as much as it is gestation.

And by the way, Survivors is a really good show.  It's on Netflix instant.  I just finished up the first season. Unfortunately they'd cancelled it after the second.  

13 April 2011

Ultimate Sundays

This is a flyer made by JC Farris for our upcoming Sunday Frisbee games.  This probably won't be happening for another week or two as we're expecting snow again for this weekend.  I'm only sharing this now because I look like a badass bronzed Adonis.  And if there's one thing I love more than myself... 
actually I got nothin'. 

06 April 2011

The Colour of the Earth

I've gone on and on with my praises for the latest PJ Harvey album 'Let England Shake', and as much as I do love this song and think it's near perfect to close the album, the purpose of sharing this is to point out the style and panache of PJ and company in the beginning a cappella.  UK Fashion at it's best and most functional. 
Also the air of nonchalance with which they perform.  So badass.

01 April 2011

So Yu Thot Yu Culd Spell

A lot of fun was had last night at the spelling bee.  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  The Lemon Grove donated a bottle of tequila for the contestants which added a nice variable into the competition.  I know out west they usually have drinking requirements for their adult spelling bees but I wanted to keep that up to the discretion of the participants.  
Photos by Jimmy C. Farris after the break.