13 February 2012

The Kissing Entry

I can't watch people kiss.  Ever.  In person or on screen. That's a small tidbit about me.  Whenever, on film, the characters are going in for that lip-lock I have to look away.  But often that is not enough because more than seeing the kiss taking place I'm completely compelled to shudder at that canned lip smacking sound effect that usually accompanies the act.  I know it's not logical and I'm sure it goes back to some maladjustment in my formative years but it is what it is.  I am disgusted by couples who insist on publicly forcing their affections on innocent bystanders.  'Making out' outside of any secluded area is absolutely uncalled for and, in my opinion, in poor taste.  If it weren't a means to an end I wouldn't want to do it myself on most occasions.  I'm not a very endearing man.

I say all of this because of the following.  I shared this song last year on Valentines day and now, after a formal album release of Hall Music, Loney Dear has a video for this lovely song.  This is one of at least two videos.  The other that I've seen is completely ineffectual for the tone of the song and I'd dismissed it completely.  This one is very fitting and although it's one that I won't likely watch again (due to the aforementioned offense), it's fitting for the season.

I never want to feel this way about anyone:


Anonymous said...

it'd be nice to have someone feel that way about you.

Anonymous said...

your loss.