14 February 2012

Shame (2011)

Sometimes when I'm really excited about something I begin to stress out about dying before I get to enjoy it. It's very morbid, I know.  When I was a kid it was always Christmas or my birthday.  I thought about something unforeseen happening to me and never getting to know what gifts I got. I was a selfish little bastard. A death-consumed selfish little bastard.

My current worry is that I'll never get to see the movie Shame:

I just love the scoring of that trailer.
Dropping in on the official site you can see that the limited release showings have already ended nearly a month ago and that they've not come to any town in Ohio.
Affluence. Commitment issues. Gentlemanly endeavors amongst polite society.  Dirty secrets and internal conflict.  Shame.  This has all the makings of a film I'll be watching dozens of times much like Elegy which my viewings of, by now, would have to be in the high 20s.  This movie looks like American Psycho with sex addiction in place of psychotic  bloodlust. Right down my alley.  I fear that I'm setting myself up for disappointment but if it's half as good as I suspect (and as the reviews say it is) it will at least be a good watch. The wait alone is doing nothing to alleviate the hype.

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