05 December 2012


     Even the smartest among australopithecus was just a monkey.  So who am I to think that there is anything I can accomplish which will exalt me to any greater height among my genus?  One cannot transcend his make.  Much like the great australopithecus, broad-shouldered and erect, my only purpose is to spawn.  To contribute my essence to the gene pool the same as any virus that wishes to replicate until it overwhelms it's host.  And what does it benefit a species to breed beyond it's means? Why do we recklessly and unapologetically fuck ourselves into oblivion? 
     The virus doesn't wish to kill it's host.  If that's what happens then it's only the price that's paid for the chance to create it's perfect self. All the virus wants, all that it's ceaseless replication is hoping to achieve is the next great leap.  The iteration that perhaps outwits our antibodies.  The strain stronger than any antibiotic we can throw at it.  So was Aussie's ultimate goal to create me?  I'm hard pressed to believe that I am the end product of any assembly line.  No.  We breed for that small glimmer of hope of one day creating our paramount.  The one shining example of humanity that justifies all of our existence. Our failures.  Millions of years in the making, the child that is our absolution. 

     Certainly the gap between the most useless and deficient of australopithecus and it's champion specimen is far smaller than that of modern man's, so yes, we are moving in the right direction.  The system is working. The question is will we spawn our golden child before we've killed off our host?


Anonymous said...

The question is will we throw off our conditioning and be really free.

David said...

Well put.