30 December 2012


I just came across a 2006 Livejournal entry of mine in which I shared some song lyrics I'd written and had long since forgotten.  I had no refrain or chorus but I'd still like to do something with it. In this day and age it seems apropos:


I am the mushroom cloud that leveled Nagasaki
I stood on the shores the day Atlantis sunk
I'm the windshield of Diana's Maseratti
I'm the first of the locusts and last of the crops
What is it that causes such unrest?
over-sexed and beating on your chest
bred to destroy everything that's left
an all consuming black hole when at your best

I am the collapse of the tower of Babel
I was aboard space shuttle Challenger that day
the first thread that began Rome's unravel
woke up bright and early one morning in Pompeii
there's no reason to ponder the day you die
no constant fear of impending doom
there's no changing the future, don't bother to try
the day of the fifth moon is coming soon.

Sufjan Stevens released a song by the same name on 2010's The Age of Adz.  It's pretty cool.  Here it is.

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